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 Gamma Cardio CG

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Gamma Cardio CG:

the certified diagnostic Ecg under Open license



Gamma Cardio Cg is the first open source certified diagnostic electrocardiograph  

with all the design disclosed in a book from the concept stage to the certification.


It is intended for anyone interested in

studying, and developing medical instruments.

What can you do with Gamma Cardio CG

To the best of our knowledge, Gamma Cardio CG is the first and unique open source medical device, certified and sold in the EU market, with all the design and the associated know-how disclosed in a textbook.

You can study, build yourself or buy, and then, study and modify the product.

Study how a medical instrument is designed

Ecg is a sufficiently simple medical device that includes all the main components of the most complex medical systems. It is therefore well suited to understand and experiment over medical devices.

Through the ECG hardware schemes and software tools (e.g. signal processing) you can understand how medical electrical equipment works. You can generate synthetic signals. The textbook is an additional resource that includes the theory and the associated implementation behind the components and the development steps of a medical device.

Build yourself a high end 12-lead diagnostic ECG

You can buy components online and build yourself the board. See disclaimer before this step.  

Buy the product

You can buy the certified medical product

Pros:   you can use for medical purposes provided that you respect your applicable legal legislation regarding ECG usage (e.g. only specific medical personnel can interpret ECG, while acquisition process is generally left also to trained resources)

Cons: you can change many firmware parameters but you cannot modify firmware for certification reasons

Experiment and Modify

You can record biosignals and modify and experiment over firmware, hardware and algorithms. For example, on your built version you can change firmware The textbook details the required theory and the implementation issues. 

 Visit Getting started for details on these options

What you cannot do

You cannot sell your Gamma Cardio CG boards for medical use because legal regulations do allow selling medical devices only to properly certified companies. At this aim software is provided as executable but with accessible experimental tools for firmware low level control and signal-filter modification tool. If you are a company and you want to sell Gamma Cardio CG. Contact us for further information.

Before using this website, you must read accept the disclaimer to avoid unnecessary risks.

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What is Gamma Cardio CG

Gamma Cardio CG is a 12-lead diagnostic Ecg connected to the PC, certified and sold in the European market. The ECG is a medical instrument that records the electrical activity of the heart to diagnose specific diseases.

The product includes an hardware acquisition board, the associated firmware and a software program running on a PC. The Hardware (Cad, Bol, Gerber, …) is fully disclosed and open licensed under Creative Common Attribution Non Commercial Alike 3.0 Unported. The software and the firmware are released as executable with accessible experimentation tools (hardware control, signal processing, …) .

The product design know-how and the associated theory (bioinstrumentation, electronics, signal theory, software, and certification) is fully disclosed in a University textbook ("Medical Instrument Design and Development", Becchetti, Neri, Wiley).

The product is an high-end device due to

·         Validated diagnostic performances
(compliance with Ansi Aami EC 11 standard)

·         Maximum level of European certification
suitable also for monitoring vital physiological parameters where variations result in immediate danger i.e. Class IIb) 

·         Maximum electrical isolation class
(suitable for direct cardiac application, defibrillation proof, i.e., class II CF double insulation compliant with standards EN 60601-1, EN 60601-2-25, EN 60601-1-2).

See specifications for additional details. Any feedback and contribution are welcomed in the spirit of open hardware, mail at send feedbacks on Open Gamma Cardio CG

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The textbook

Key features

·                  For each step, the theory of the relevant University courses precedes the implementation section that explains how theory is applied in the industrial context.

·                  Discloses the know-how and all the structure of a commercial medical instrument (an ECG) offered for study under open license. 

·                  Written for biomedical engineering courses and for engineers interested in medical instrumentation/device design

Visit the official textbook website for additional details.


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What can you find in this website

·         Getting started (how to for: building yourself, studying, experimenting, modifying)

·         Download (PCB, CAD, Software, Programmers, tutorials, … )

·         Learning (additional open know-how on biomedical engineering and medical topics)

·         Support (contact us, what’s new, what’s next, disclaimer, medical usage)

Gamma Cardio CG Open Project: Who and Why

Heart disease is the leading cause of death and disability in the world. It is estimated that heart disease caused 13 million deaths in 2008. It is estimated that this number will reach 23 million deaths in 2030. Heart disease is responsible for 23.6% of the total number of deaths from natural causes (source: World Health Organization 2011).

The electrocardiogram (ECG) is the first examination is essential for a diagnosis of major diseases, in particular cardiovascular diseases with greater social impact such as myocardial infarction. More widespread examination in all sectors of the population could significantly reduce the chronicity of these diseases with a substantial reduction in preventable deaths.

The Gamma Cardio CG Open Project aims to publish all the theory, know-how and tools of certified ECG devices to allow developers and students to study, build, experiment and modify.

In this way, the Gamma Cardio CG Open project can increase the diffusion of ECG in the world by reducing the cost of the devices, improve quality and usability and increase know-how in the medical community.

The Gamma Cardio CG Open Project has been started in 2013 by the authors of the textbook (Claudio Becchetti, Alessandro Neri of University of Rome Tre), by the Gamma Cardio Soft company and the help of Biomedical Engineering Laboratory and the Wiley & Sons editor.  The first efforts come back to the 2005 with specific University courses and industrial developments. The Gamma Cardio CG Open Project welcomes contributions from users. Send feedbacks to give contribution.

The ten leading causes of death (Who, 2011)

Some contents included in this page are exclusively reserved to professionals in the medical and biomedical engineering area

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